New venue for MFC

After two and a half happy years at the Old Crown in Paganhill, we were given the opportunity in 2019 to move back to Minchinhampton. We now have the use of a wonderful new room at the Cotswold Club in High Street Minchinhampton, only two doors away from our original home at the Crown, where we we began life in July 2003 (in fact on November 8 2019, the day after our first gathering at the Cotswold Club, the Crown reopened after more than five years of closure).

The room is the perfect size for our usual gatherings of 30-40 people. Access is at street level and very convenient, the very reasonably-priced bar is equally handy, and the acoustics are perfect for a small gathering (microphones not needed). It’s not a big room, so latecomers may find some competition for seating. Parking can be tight in Minch (again it helps to arrive early), but you can usually stop to offload passengers before finding a spot. On occasion we plan to use the main room (where the bar is) for slightly larger concerts using PA.